Good afternoon Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Winston Baseball - Come play in our Dirt!
Coaches, parents and players schedules for tournaments will be posted outside of lower concession stand at every game. Scores and records will be updated also.
The Website also has innings pitched updated and pool scores, the links are on the left side of web page.

The end of the season tourney is coming up. Home plate meeting with umpires will determine Home team with flip of coin. First games will start at 6:00pm during the week for the tourney.

The only thing that changes from the regular season will be following the Dizzy Dean Pitching Rules.

Tie Breakers for Seeding is (1) Head to Head (ONLY IF NO MORE THAN 2 TEAMS TIED) (2) Runs Allowed (3) Runs Scored. (4) Coin Toss

Click here for 6u Pool.
Click here for 8u Pool.
Click here for 10u Pool.
Click here for 12u Pool.

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